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The Vaillancourt Coven

PUBLISHED: Nov 28, 2021| PAPERBACK, Hardcover + eBOOK | Find it on Amazon here.

Izzie comes from a long line of powerful female witches. She’s the daughter of Amelie Vaillancourt, the matriarch leader of the Vaillancourt Coven, one of the oldest Covens in New Orleans.


For the last 25 years, Izzie has put her life on hold to help the Savior, Tess Mackenzie, fulfill her destiny and save the paranormal world. She’s now ready to chart her path, she’s just not sure what that is yet. The Vaillancourt Family used to be known in the French Quarter for their herbal remedies using nature’s bounty, so she decides the best way to help herself is to get back to her roots in herbal medicine and open an apothecary in the middle of the French Quarter.


However, magic has a firm grip on Izzie. Her older sister Serafine is angry that Izzie was taken from her for the last twenty-five years. She resents the sisterly bond Izzie and Tess have. Her anger starts her down a very dark and dangerous path and sets off a chain reaction. Then one of Izzie’s shop girls, Chloe goes missing and is found dead in a cemetery with what looks like cult markings on her. Another goes missing but turns up alive the next day with some of the same markings.


Vaillancourt’s family secrets that were once thought long dead and buried are getting brought to the surface, and she’s dragged back into the paranormal world she is so desperately trying to break free from. When Izzie starts investigating the cult markings, she realizes Serafine is at the center of everything. Izzie is in a race against time and black magic forces as she tries to save her sister from the dark path she is headed down.


Will Izzie be too late to save her sister? Will others be collateral damage in her fight for her sister’s soul?  And will Izzie turn to the very thing that she’s trying to break free from to help her on her quest?

The Prophecy Book Cover - Revamped

NEW COVER - Aug 2021!


The Prophecy is a paranormal romance lead by a strong female named Tess Mackenzie who is on a quest to find out who she really is and what she has to offer the world.

Tess Mackenzie is no ordinary woman. She has had a challenging life, orphaned at birth and moved from foster family to foster family. She never felt like she belonged. She lacks self-confidence and trusts none one except her best friend, Isadora Vaillancourt (Izzie.) One day Izzie tells Tess she's moving them to New Orleans because she needs to go back to her roots. Tess didn't know Izzie had roots. They've grown up in foster family's together with all her life.  However, wherever Izzie went, Tess went.  Soon after the move, Tess finds out Izzie isn't who she said she is. She also quickly discovers that witches, werewolves and vampires are real and she has an incredible destiny to fulfill.

However, she's being hunted by a High Fae called Deveroux and his Guardians of Supernatural Beings Council  who think only pureblood paranormal creatures should live. They are hunting and killing anyone that they deem inferior and number one on their list is Tess Mackenzie. She alone has the ability within her to stop him.

Helping her on her quest is her best friend Izzie, a powerful witch, the Werewolf Pack of New Orleans, the Beauclaire Brothers and a very old but powerful vampire named Lucien Germaine.

But even with all the help, she will have to overcome her insecurities and accept her destiny, foretold in a prophecy. It will take all she has to prepare herself for the epic battle she will have with Deveroux and his band of killers.

Her life and the lives of those she has come to love to depend on her.

Will Tess succeed?

The Prophecy is an enthralling, adventurous paranormal romance full of jaw-dropping twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page.  18+ Paranormal Romance with mature themes.

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