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  • Jennifer Dowd

An Adventure to the Comox Valley, BC, July 22, 2023 - Day 2 | Paradise Meadows

Embracing the promise of a new day, we set out on our island adventure with enthusiasm. Day two beckoned us to the stunning Paradise Meadows at Mount Washington, and we couldn't wait to immerse ourselves in its natural splendor. Our early start paid off as we managed to secure a parking spot, even though the lot was already bustling with fellow explorers.

As we embarked on our walk through Paradise Meadows, we were delighted to find that the trail wasn't overly crowded. The peaceful solitude allowed us to fully appreciate the beauty that surrounded us. The landscape was a breathtaking canvas of green and white, with the majestic mountains towering in the background.

Among the highlights of our trek were the grey and white birds that curiously approached us. Their friendly demeanor suggested that they might have been seeking a treat, adding a touch of charm to our journey. We also encountered a playful squirrel, who seemed a bit displeased by our presence in its front yard. Nonetheless, it provided a lighthearted moment and a reminder that we were simply guests in the animals' natural abode.

The early morning trek gifted us with the perfect weather – a gorgeous sun-filled day with a refreshing coolness in the air. The harmonious blend of warm sunlight and crisp breeze invigorated our spirits and made the journey all the more enjoyable.

Throughout our walk, we couldn't help but be awestruck by the pristine beauty of Paradise Meadows. The lush alpine meadows, dotted with colorful wildflowers, unfolded before us like a living painting. It was a true paradise for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

"Nature has a way of healing the soul and clearing the mind. Walking amidst its beauty is not just a physical journey, but a spiritual one - a path that leads us back to ourselves." - Unknown

As the morning unfolded, we relished every step, savoring the serenity and grandeur of the surroundings. The experience of being immersed in the untouched wilderness left us feeling both humbled and invigorated.

As the sun climbed higher in the sky, we reluctantly made our way back to our starting point. The enchanting allure of Paradise Meadows had captured our souls, leaving us yearning for more adventures that lay ahead in this incredible island paradise.

Check out this quick video of some of our walk.

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