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  • Jennifer Dowd

A Photo Exploration: A Mixed Bag of Weather and Wonders - June 22, 2024

There’s a unique charm in embarking on a photo adventure, even when the weather doesn't quite cooperate. Recently, I set off on such a journey, beginning with a delicious detour to Ladysmith's famous bakery, followed by a visit to Millstone River Falls in Nanaimo, and a trip to the picturesque Gabriola Island. Despite the intermittent rain and sunshine, and a few unexpected challenges, the day was a memorable blend of nature, exploration, and, of course, photography.

Our day began with a delightful stop in Ladysmith to indulge in some cream cheese cinnamon buns from a renowned local bakery. Once the delectable treats were in the car for enjoyment later, we made our way to Millstone River Falls in Nanaimo. The lush, green trails leading to the falls were a photographer's dream, with the morning mist adding an ethereal quality to the scenery. As we neared the falls, the sun occasionally broke through the clouds, casting a golden glow on the cascading water. Despite the unpredictable weather, the falls were breathtaking. Baylee, was equally captivated by the surroundings, darting around and exploring every nook and cranny.

See them in live action below!!!

Of course, on every trip, I need to practice my black and white photography, especially when there aren't many interesting sights to see. I look for patterns and the intricacies of nature. Seeing how nature transforms and the patterns, whether in leaf veins or tree roots, amazes me every time. Nature is stunning and inspiring.

With the beauty of Millstone River Falls fresh in our minds, we boarded the ferry to Gabriola Island. Known for its artistic community and stunning landscapes, I had high hopes for some fantastic photo opportunities. Our first stop was the famous Malaspina Galleries, a unique sandstone rock formation shaped by the relentless action of waves. Unfortunately, the site was quite crowded, making it difficult to capture the perfect shot without other visitors in the frame. The intermittent rain further complicated matters, but I managed to snap a few photos, even if they weren't exactly what I'd envisioned.

The Malaspina Galleries provided another opportunity to practice our black and white photography. Capturing the details of the intricate sandstone formations and noticing the patterns created by years of erosion became our focus. The contrast between light and shadow in black and white photography highlighted the textures and shapes in ways that color photography often misses, allowing us to see the beauty in the fine details of nature.

We headed to the Island Llama Paradise, but unfortunately, they decided to close due to the rain. We were only able to capture some candid shots of the llamas huddled together under the trees from the side of the road.

As the day drew to a close, we returned to Nanaimo, feeling content despite the weather's challenges. The journey back to Victoria was a reflective one, filled with thoughts of the day's adventures. The mix of sun and rain had created a different kind of beauty than I'd anticipated, but it was beautiful in its own right. While Gabriola Island didn't offer as many photo opportunities as I'd hoped, the experience of being in nature and sharing the adventure with Baylee was more than enough to make the day special.

Looking back, the challenges of the day – the weather, the crowds, and the lack of perfect photo moments – were part of what made it memorable. They reminded me that a photo adventure isn't just about capturing the perfect shot, but about immersing oneself in the journey, embracing the unexpected, and finding joy in the company of your fur baby. So pull on your walking shoes and get out there. There is so much magic around us, especially in the everyday things we take for granted.

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