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  • Jennifer Dowd

Exploring Macro and Wildlife Photography at Ross Bay Cemetery - May 11, 2023

Updated: May 14, 2023

Nestled along the scenic coastline of Victoria, British Columbia, lies a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike – Ross Bay Cemetery. This historical burial ground, with its serene atmosphere and abundant wildlife, provides a captivating setting for capturing stunning macro and wildlife photographs. In this blog post, we'll explore the enchanting world of Ross Bay Cemetery and discover tips and techniques to capture breathtaking images of deer, crows, and bees in their natural habitat.

Macro photography allows us to capture the intricate details of the world unseen by the naked eye. Ross Bay Cemetery presents an array of captivating subjects for macro photography, from delicate flowers and foliage to fascinating insects.

Macro photography demands a keen eye for detail. Focus on capturing the fine textures, patterns, and colors of flowers, moss, and other small elements within the cemetery. The tranquil setting of Ross Bay Cemetery serves as a haven for various wildlife species, making it a perfect location to capture candid shots of deer, crows, and bees.

Remember to maintain a respectful distance from the wildlife to avoid causing stress or disruption. Use a telephoto lens to bring the animals closer while maintaining a safe distance. Minimal Intrusion: Avoid disturbing the wildlife or interfering with their natural behaviors. Maintain a respectful distance and never attempt to feed or touch them. Be mindful of the cemetery's regulations and restrictions. Avoid trampling on delicate plants or disturbing the resting places of the deceased.

Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC, provides a captivating backdrop for macro and wildlife photography enthusiasts. The combination of historic charm and flourishing wildlife creates endless opportunities to capture stunning images of deer, crows, bees, and the delicate beauty of nature's details.

Remember to approach your photography with respect, sensitivity, and an appreciation for the remarkable world that surrounds us. Happy shooting!

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