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  • Jennifer Dowd

Microadventure on Dallas Road Beach - July 15, 2023

Updated: Jan 2

Today, I embarked on a micro-adventure to the beach with Baylee, my beloved fur baby who adores the water. While I find joy in watching the rhythmic waves dance, I must confess that the beach is not my ultimate sanctuary. The sandy terrain can be quite challenging to navigate, and occasionally, the pungent scent of the sea overwhelms my senses. Moreover, the crowds of people can act as a deterrent to my complete relaxation. Reflecting on our morning walk, it dawned on me that my heart truly lies in the embrace of the forest—a revelation about myself that surfaced unexpectedly.

Now, let me take you along on our journey today. Enjoy the tale of our micro-adventure!

As I strolled along the beach, my attention was captivated by the small pockets of flora and fauna gracing the beach cliffs. Among these delightful discoveries, I was filled with joy upon spotting a dozing Bumble Bee nestled on a flower, its adorable bee butt sticking out. Taking my time and pacing my steps, I allowed myself to immerse in the surrounding scenery, observing it in a whole new light.

Next, my focus shifted to the enchanting realm of sand and sea. As I tread carefully over the myriad of rocks, my eyes keenly sought out intriguing patterns and shapes scattered across the shore. The sun-kissed waves sparkled like a thousand diamonds, and the graceful sea plants swayed and danced in harmony with the gentle lapping of the waves against the beach.

I frequently paused during my walk to engage in delightful conversations with other Dog Parents, and I couldn't resist exchanging warm greetings with their furry companions. Observing these joyful dogs simply relishing the moment, I found myself smiling and even giggling in response to their infectious happiness. Little did they know, in their own carefree way, these endearing dogs were also guiding their owners to embrace the present moment.

During our beach micro-adventure, I had the pleasure of encountering some truly magnificent avian friends. Among them was a graceful blue heron, its elegant presence captivating me. Additionally, I was intrigued by another bird, possibly a sandpiper, with its charming appearance resembling the coastal vibe. Pausing for a moment, I allowed the beauty of the scene to envelop me, creating a lasting memory of this encounter.

As the time with Baylee drew to a close, we made our way back to the car after two and a half hours of beach exploration. Though our micro-adventure had reached its conclusion, the memories of the delightful flora, fauna, and feathered friends would stay with me for a lifetime.

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