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  • Jennifer Dowd

Healing Hues: Navigating Grief Through a Purple Color Theory Photo Project - Nov 15, 2023

Updated: Jan 2

Grief is a delicate dance with emotions, a journey that requires introspection and resilience. In my ongoing exploration of color as a means of healing, I've turned to the calming and introspective shades of purple. This color theory project has become a sanctuary for me, providing a canvas where I can process the intricate emotions of grief with a sense of serenity and contemplation.

Purple, often associated with mystery, spirituality, and calm, takes on a new significance in the context of grief. Its soothing and introspective qualities have become a gentle companion in my journey towards healing. As I immerse myself in the various shades of purple, I find a unique language to express the nuances of sorrow and remembrance.

My color theory project has evolved into a visual odyssey through the myriad hues of purple. From the regal depths of royal purple to the delicate tones of lavender, each shade represents a facet of my grief. I explore the different expressions of loss, using the versatile palette of purple to convey the intricate dance of emotions that accompanies the grieving process.

Art, as a form of expression, has a transformative power that transcends words. Engaging with the color purple has become a therapeutic practice, allowing me to externalize and make sense of the internal landscape of grief. The gentle strokes and muted tones offer a quiet space for reflection, a sanctuary where I can process and release the complex emotions that grief often brings.

Purple, with its blend of calm and regality, serves as a reminder of resilience and strength in the face of loss. Through the artistic process, I find a quiet fortitude, an acknowledgment that grief is not a linear journey but a complex tapestry of emotions. The shades of purple become threads weaving a story of remembrance, acceptance, and eventual healing.

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